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* Do you know what Ping Monitoring is?

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Ping Monitoring is a very popular and useful practice that involves regular pinging of a device. The goal is to check whether the monitored device replies to requests. Additionally, the ping time, which is represented in milliseconds, is best to be as low as possible. That indicates good ping quality. Ping Monitoring is essential for guaranteeing the good health of your network and its prompt performance.
Ping Monitoring even sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request to the monitored device. That way, when the target receives the request, it replies immediately by sending the echo reply packets.

There are several different Ping Monitoring check types depending on the size of the packets:

  • 64 bytes check
  • 512 bytes check
  • 1024 bytes check

Ping monitoring is beneficial for different types of users, such as sysadmins, IT professionals, network engineers, VoIP services, etc.

In case you are interested, and you want to learn more, we recommend the following article about Ping Monitoring!